Clean Slate

Working for the Weekends was a blog that I last updated in 2011.  Seems like a good reason for a new beginning.  2 years without even one post so here goes with a new chapter.

So a little about myself.  A Georgia boy without the southern drawl and no truck in the garage.  Living in John’s Creek with my lovely wife and schnauzer mixed dog.  Have a tendency to work hard and play hard.

Currently focused on making a career in the Human Capital Management industry, Home Improvement, Financial Well-being, and Educational Development.  Oh, and starting a family which should be a the beginning of this list.

32 with a birthday in October and happy with my life currently.  3 years ago was a different story.  Not that times were hard but not what I wanted them to be.

It is an amazing feeling when you set goals and reach them.  Now I am looking to set even higher goals.  Looking to save, develop, and grow.

More to come…